Step 1: Choose your products

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Step 2: Ordering and payment

  • Once you have selected your desired products you can finalize your order by filling in your contact details.
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  • We use a minimum order value of €25,– before you can continue with your order.
  • Select your method of payment and complete the payment.

Step 3: Freshly cut and vacuum packed

  • As soon as the payment has been received we will start working for you.
  • We cut the cheese fresh for you and immediately pack it airtight. Unless you choose a whole cheese. This will be delivered as a whole cheese.
  • If you choose a quarter or half cheese, it will be cut into handy pieces and packed airtight.
  • Cutting cheese is handicraft. Deviations in weight can occur. We always try to cut to your advantage. The maximum bandwidth is 100 grams. See our terms & conditions for more information.

Step 4: Preparing for dispatch and shipping

  • As soon as we have your order ready we will make it ready for shipment.
  • Your cheese will be packed airtight (except for a whole cheese) and shockproof. We use environmentally friendly and reusable materials as much as possible.
  • By packing your cheese airtight, it can be sent uncooled without any problems.
  • There are two shipping times a week: Wednesday and Saturday. Orders received before Tuesday 22.00 hours will be shipped on Wednesday. Orders received before Friday 22.00 hours will be shipped on Saturday.
  • Delivery takes place on weekdays and Saturdays.
  • The shipping costs we charge are shown in the shipping costs overview below.
  • You can track your shipment using the track & trace code that you will receive by email.
  • When delivered you can enjoy the best original Dutch cheese!

    Country Delivery costs (€)
    Austria € 7,35
    Belgium € 4,30
    Croatia € 13,50
    Czech Republic € 9,95
    Denmark € 7,95
    Estonia € 13,20
    Finland € 15,80
    France € 9,85
    Germany € 4,20
    Greece € 17,75
    Hungary € 11,45
    Ireland € 13,20
    Italy € 11,40
    Latvia € 10,05
    Lithuania € 15,50
    Luxembourg € 7,30
    Netherlands € 3,25
    Poland € 10,50
    Portugal € 13,10
    Romania € 13,00
    Slovakia € 11,70
    Slovenia € 12,70
    Spain € 12,40
    Sweden € 11,60
    United Kingdom € 9,70